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About me

seriel entrepreneur, investor and advisor.

Entrepreneurship came at an early age for me. I was 8 years old when I started my first “business” walking dogs for my neighbors. Man’s best friend and cash every week…I was making more money than some adults and having fun. A few years later, my best friend and I started a car wash business. We would go door-to-door with a bucket, a microfiber towel and car wash soap. The best part…we used their water to hose off the soap. Talk about cutting down expenses!

Flash forward 15 years, I was introduced to transportation and logistics by my late uncle. He owned a property in the south-side of Chicago that he zoned for truck parking. I learned the ins and outs of the operation –he had offered for me to manage the lot and run with it. I had other plans. To paint a clear picture. My uncle was old school. In his 58 years on the earth, he never had an email and carried a 2005 issued Motorola flip phone. His business card had an enlarged “S” on the front with his number on the back. I wanted to scale parking through an application and be the middle man. My uncle gave his blessing but couldn’t get himself on board. Needless to say, a year and a half later, I launched TruckPark – the first ever truck parking marketplace for drivers.

I started TruckPark when I was 25 and sold it 3 months after my 30th birthday. Building a business is no easy feat. Truth is, at 25, I quit my day job and lived on state funded healthcare and food stamps. I met my partner, Joshua Walls the same year — we added 30 truck parking locations in Illinois. Despite the growth, we both were living well below our means. It wasn’t until we met the company that built our app, that we were funded with our first half-a-million dollar seed investment. Even then 95% of the funds went to developers, product managers and marketing. I filed my taxes a year later and made a grand total of $11,500. Talk about a roller coaster metaphor – this was the giant drop and I was falling to the bottom at lightening speed. It wasn’t until the two years later that the roller coaster of life metaphor turned into a ride of our lives. We scaled to 680 secure locations in North America, thousands of active users and we were storing ocean containers for multiple Fortune 500 clients. Two months later (after many months of negotiation and due diligence) we were acquired.

Following the acquisition, I transitioned from CEO to Vice President of Parking where I assisted in the development of the parking payment system for operators. Think of the open table concept for restaurant reservations but for parking lot owners who want to go digital.

Currently, I advise two startup companies in transportation and logistics, act as an EIR for a supply chain fund and work full-time as a Director of partnerships for TMS and broker SaaS Zuum App in Irvine, California. I loved the way Zuum’s technology worked so much that I invested in their latest bridge round and took a convertible SAFE note. I have invested in two other companies – a rideshare startup that plans to be the black car SUV provider for people who want a luxurious experience at a better rate and a foodie social media platform that plan to change the way people dine in. Adding to my portfolio is my latest investment in Simporter.AI an artificial intelligence prediction software that automates new product research for CPG companies.

After 28 years in Chicago, my wife and I decided to move to Bentonville, Arkansas where we currently reside.







Failure is good.

If I could Trademark “Failure” I would. The majority of people believe failure is a bad thing. It’s actually the opposite. Failure is constructive criticism that pushes us to work harder and more efficiently. I failed once and it was great.

I founded a company called FiveWest Ventures. The idea was to create an influencer focused angel fund and advisory firm that provided capital to TV shows and movies. At one point, we (I recruited likeminded people) were a team of 5. I recruited Arman Motiwalla who founded OneConcierage, a former investment banker from Goldman and two of my friends. The most difficult part of building, was trying to source capital from outside investors and in the beginning of COVID pandemic. We were taking on way too many sky-high projects at once. It started with raising capital for a business event with Jordan Belfort as the main speaker to trying to raise half-a-million for a docuseries with David Hasselhoff as the host that would be filmed in the jungles of Africa covering the Truk Lagoon to a movie that never made it out of preproduction starring Bella Thorne and Adam Baldwin. It was a fun attempt, we met many great people along the way who have become close friends. However, it was a complete failure that eventually forced the startup to shutdown. I don’t regret any of it. It made me work harder and refocus on my truck parking business –that later took a successful exit.